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Nailing table

Advantages of our machines

  • User-friendly operation by means of a touch terminal guiding the user.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Production change in a matter of seconds.

3 programming modes

  • Manually via the touch terminal.
  • Digitally via the PC (entering of coordinates).
  • Automatic via the PC (automatic calculation of ideal nailing coordinates for small series production).

Lifting frame equipment options

  • Single, double or triple head
  • Head equipped with a boring/milling spindle.
  • Large range of tools for special applications.
  • Screwing

Table equipment

  • Special pneumatic templates for series production.
  • Presser bar +/- 500kg.
  • Stacker unit for removing assembled products.

Basic machine characteristics

  • Overall dimensions 6,500 × 2,2425mm.
  • Usable dimensions 5,700 x 1800mm.
  • Table height 800mm.
  • Total weight (approx.) 4,200kg.
  • Max. pneumatic supply 480 l/min. 6kg/cm2.
  • Electrical supply 3 × 400V - 50Hz - 4Kw.